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Mort Kunstler was born in 1931. He studied and painted in New York. He started painting western life and early Americana. In the early 1980s turned to Civil War art. His medium is oil.

Current Inventory of Prints

 Jackson’s Foot Calvary
Jackson on Little Sorrell
Maryland, My Maryland
The Mud March
With A Rebel Yell
Valor in Gray
Courage in Blue
Blessing of the Sword
Shenandoah Autumn
After the Snow
Lee Takes Command
On They Came With Flags a Flying
Morgan’s Ohio Raid
Hero of Little Round Top
Sharpsburg War Council
Charleston, Summer of 1861
Distant Thunder
Lion of the Valley
So Close to the Enemy
A Brief Encounter
Before the Ball (available framed only)
Forming the Line
Rush to the Summit
Janie and Old Jack
Whitehouse Strategy
The High Command
His Supreme Moment
Iron Horses, Men of Steel
The Guns of Autumn
The Autograph Seekers of Bel-Air
The New World
Especially for You
Winds of Winter
Letter From Home
Covered With Glory
Road to Glory
Model Partnership
The Review at Moss Neck

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